FREE Introduction to Electricity & Solar Energy Teaching Guide CD ROM with every kit! 



Offer applies to 1 poster per order of Classroom Electricity Kit purchased
- Offer until 31/12/2018 -

 Solar Investigations Kit

Solar Investigations Kit

Eco Solar Kit

Eco Solar Kit


'For safety each Battery module has built in
short circuit protection'

Battery Module

Magnetic Front of Class Kits


Electricity Kit PLUS


Advanced Electricity Kit




Welcome to BrightSparks 4Kids

BrightSparks kits

We specialise in Educational Teaching Products with both the teacher and child in mind.

All kits are
rimarily based around Science and the Design and Technology Curriculums and are ideal for all Key Stages.


All Kits are safe and "Ideal for small hands". They have also been specifically designed to be durable and hard wearing for the classroom environment.

Component modules are simple to use and engaging and have been developed for a real "Hands On" approach for today's teaching. Each module clearly displays its component name and relevant electrical symbol.

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NEW Electricity range
Available singular or in stackable classpacks of 5

EK01                                 EK05                    

EKD01                               EKD05                  

All connections are made easy
'Simply Plug & Play'

All Kits range in size from the economically packaged Eco Electricity Kit which includes 8 essential modules to the huge 24 module Electricity Kit Plus. All kits include the popular component modules you would expect, together with easy to use stackable 'Plug & Play' connecting
leads and a fantastic Resources CD-ROM.

Renewable Energy Kit

REK_01_webREK 01- 
Renewable Energy Kit
Includes 7 exciting component modules plus sturdy electricity hand crank

Also available in stackable Classpacks of 5


Beginners Electricity Kit

Beginners Electricity Kit

Beginners Electricity Kit 
Includes 18 essential component modules housed in a transparent Gratnells storage tray and lid.



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