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We love what our customers say about our products - here is a small selection of Testimonials & Customer Product reviews

SPI Clubs
As a science workshop provider I was asked to deliver 25 workshops covering electricity for years 5 and 6. I set about sorting the equipment that I needed only to find that the kit that arrived was poor quality, not at all child friendly and rather expensive.

I started to research the market when I came across Steve at Brightsparks4kids . This was a fantastic move! Steve is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and he has developed a whole series of resources which are second to none. Steve has really done the job of trialling the equipment and ironing out the problems so you don't have to.

Once I had tried the kit I was sold- This stuff was perfect. The kids would love it and it is durable and easy to store. What's more, Steve is always at the end of the phone to advise or to arrange delivery of additional pieces. I highly recommend this company.

The kit is fabulous and the customer service is outstanding. If you need these kits don't look any further. You won't find any better.

Emma McCarthy

SPI Club
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Severndale Specialist Academy.

We are a large, specialist Academy, with pupils aged between 3-19 years. Equipment gets a lot of use and is thoroughly tested by our pupils.

As a D&D Technician, I wanted to replace our aged electrical circuit modules. I purchased some of yours and some from another company to try them out. The modules have been a great success.

Much easier to use and connect together for our pupils, who have a wide range of conditions.

The modules and leads are of a good size for pupils to be able to hold and assemble themselves.

The feedback that I have had from staff is that the pupils love using your modules. They are more attractive and durable that our previous ones, as I was forever mending modules and repairing leads which the pupils pulled apart.

If equipment survives in our school then it is well made and fit for purpose.

Paul Burton

Severndale Specialist Academy.



Inquisitive Explorers Ltd T/A a femtinos is a creative educational workshop provider specialising in science workshops and courses for children aged 4 to 14 years old. 
We developed a series of science courses,  one of which was on the topic of electricity. We were so glad to come across Brightsparks4kids modules as they are exactly what we were looking for and fit in well with our fun, hands-on interactive sessions. Each component is colour coded,  has the symbol as well as the component name,  allowing even the youngest children to construct a circuit with such ease. There are also more complex components we use with the older groups like variable resistors, diodes etc, which work just as well as traditional school equipment but look and feel far more appealing!
Overall brilliant product and we would highly recommend any science educator to invest in these over anything else in the market. We spent months searching so know there's definitely nothing of this quality out there!  We love them,  the kids love them and so do the families and schools we work with! 

Syeda Shah
Creative Director

Hands On Science - Workshops

'We have been delighted with BrightSparks Electrical kits and have built an extremely popular workshop around them helping children visualise the flow of current in a circuit and remember the correct symbols to use when creating and recording their circuits”

For more information on Hand On Science Workshops please visit

Mark Walton- Hand On Science

Thornleigh Educate Together National School

Our school purchased an Electrical circuit kit from BrightSparks two years ago. To date it has been used on a regular basis with all ages and has proven its robustness! The children get great fun and educational value from such a resource.

Thornleigh Educate Together National School, Dublin, Ireland

Kind regards



Independent Educational Consultant

Dear BrightSparks 4kids, many, many thanks for all the items you sent over. I can say that they are the best I have seen! Robust, easy to use, attractive, great sizes, well thought through storage, excellent CD -ROM.  I look forward to working with the components and showing them to primary teachers and also secondary SEN teachers’

Yolande Ifold is an independent primary science consultant who has an extensive teaching background and much experience of supporting and advising primary teachers. Her aim is to facilitate interesting and motivating contexts for teaching science and to provide creative and exciting resources. Her tagline is: "You can't take the fun out of science or the science out of fun!"

Yolande Ifold

Educational Consultant

Zara Jebb, Rhosddu Primary School, 

I'm writing to thank you for the excellent after sales service that we have received from you. Your Electricity Kit has been used throughout KS2 for several years; it is robust, easy to use and up to the differentiation required for children from Y3 to Y6 - I have been particularly pleased to say goodbye to the trauma involved in making circuits by screwing and unscrewing endless fiddly little bulb units, your system has allowed the children to construct more complex parallel circuits in no time at all! In these days of increasingly tight budgets, your excellent after sales service has been particularly welcome - thank you again!
Zara Jebb, Rhosddu Primary School, Wrexham

Lorna Lopes Director- Solar Power Education

The BrightSparks4Kids equipment has been a revelation to me.  My business involves taking children to visit solar farms across the UK.  I have been leading workshops and visits for 18 months and have found that all of the resources I have been using from various educational suppliers – solar panels, leads with crocodile clips, buzzers etc fall apart after only one or two workshops.

This term, using the BrightSparks4Kids equipment, has been completely different. The children find the equipment far easier to use and can quickly design solar powered circuits to power up bulbs, L.E.Ds, motors & buzzers even set up experiments with multimeters.  And to my delight they have proved robust enough to survive with no replacements needed! No more upset children bringing broken wires and crocodile clips to me throughout my sessions.  Hooray!

I have been using the solar panels which, when connected to the voltmeter, show that they are generating electricity in the classroom.  I am able to use the sets outside in the open air as well as in the classroom with halogen torches or halogen lights and I often set up several different experiments in the classroom with the children rotating around each activity.

One of my favourite features is the design of the wires.  They are far more robust and much less fiddly to use for children than crocodile clips they also make hooking up multiple components easy as they simply stack on one another and therefore perfect for series and parallel circuits. All kits are also classroom friendly and come supplied in neat storage box, safely kept far away from little hands. 

To date they have been enjoyed by Year 3-6 and the feedback has been brilliant.  I am looking forward to running workshops with Reception and KS1 next term who will find them equally accessible.  

Lorna Lopes


Solar Power Education

To find out more on Solar Power Education workshops please visit www.solarpowereducation.com


Mersey STEM

MerseySTEM hosted the North West Big Bang Fair in July 2015 at Aintree Racecourse. 6000 students from schools around the North West came to a day of engaging, hands on activities to get them inspired and enthusiastic about all things STEM!

BrightSparks4Kids came along to the event with a full array of kit for the students to use and it was simply brilliant! The components were easy to use and the colours were really eye-catching. There was always a constant stream of students around their stand!
The exhibitors on the stand were really engaging with the students and were able to demonstrate the kits to all ages and abilities which not only shows the versatility of the gents who were demonstrating but the versatility of the kit itself!
The teachers from the schools who attended have fed back about the positive student experience that BrightSparks4Kids offered and many requested information on how to bring BrightSparks4Kids kits into their own classrooms!

We will definitely be asking the BrightSparks4Kids team to come back to our event in 2016 and we look forward to working with them not just at the North West Big Bang fair but at many other events to come.

Michelle Dow
Managing Director

MerseySTEM Ltd

Private Tutor (STEM based)

As a personal tutor, it can be difficult to support student learning without having the resources usually found in the classroom.
I found myself in the possession of a BrightSparks4Kids kit purely by chance as I was transporting it from another user back to them! It so happened that one evening, my students wanted to look at circuits in their tutoring session and I had the full BrightSparks4Kids kit in my car. I used the kits to demonstrate series and parallel circuits and the effects of different components within the circuits to discuss resistance, amplitude and voltage. I’d never used the kit before but I was confident about the ease of use after hearing the feedback from the previous user. The kit was so simple but so effective and the students were able to engage on a number of levels. The students were able to play around with the circuits knowing they were safe to use (ideal for kinaesthetic learners) and they could also associate colour with circuit components making it easier for them to learn, understand and remember what they were used for (ideal for visual learners). The feedback from the students was really positive and as their tutor, I felt they had a much more sophisticated understanding of that topic after just one session than many of the other topics we had covered in other sessions.
I will definitely be recommending the BrightSparks4Kids kits to other tutors as I think they’re a priceless teaching tool that are handy to transport and just so versatile! Also, the customer service is excellent and that can often make the difference when dealing with companies! Steve Jones makes the whole process so easy and efficient which makes it an even more positive all round experience! Gold star!

Zoe Chapman

Private Tutor

Engaging children to become BrightSparks!

We at Scoil Chaitríona Junior thoroughly enjoyed our first experience with the BrightSparks4Kids electricity kit.  

Each year I teach the basics of simple circuits to my 5 and 6 year old pupils.  This year with the help of the BrightSparks4Kids electricity kit I found that the pupils were more engaged in the circuit making process than in previous years.  

The components of the kit were very child friendly to use and were robust, durable and easily manipulated.

The children could safely experiment with adding additional batteries, with substituting a buzzer or motor for the bulb and with adding switches in order to turn the bulb/buzzer/motor on or off.

Most of all the pupils (and the teacher) LOVED using the electrical components. All were extremely enthusiastic about their new found knowledge, and very much enjoyed their practical learning experience.  For the coming year I am thoroughly looking forward to extending the learning experiences with my new group of 7-8 year old students. Thank you BrightSparks4Kids

Jane McLoughlin

See the children in action below:





Thanks BrightSparks4Kids, just had a 4th successful www.imagineering.org.uk event using the Brightsparks4kids modules to safely introduce the children & parents to electrical circuits. We can educate & have fun with all the age-groups, regardless of ability & complexity.
An independent education charity promoting engineering & technology through fun hands-on activities, the colours attract the kids, they’re robust, good safety features (preventing short-circuiting), simple to use & instant results. A great peace of mind!
I’ve had children (5-14yrs) creating circuits using motors, buzzers, lamps & switches in both series & parallel. Recently the kids idea was to create a circuit used in a car; a motor, headlights, a buzzer (horn) with its own switch. No end to their imagination!
The pack instructions are excellent at teaching a novice volunteer to get the kids going & an understanding of how it works.


Nadine Branston- Stand Manager (Bath & West Show)

Imagineering- Inspiring Engineers of the Future

Product- Starter Kit+

Wild about Hampstead Heath!

Wild about Hampstead Heath is taking Science out of the classroom with their fantastic Education Sessions.
We have worked in partnership with the City of London education team to develop and deliver an exciting outdoor learning programme for primary learners in Golders Hill Park.
The Bright Sparks Beginner’s electricity kit has been a fantastic resource in our outdoor education programme. As the kit is so mobile, it’s great to use for outdoor learning. Bright Sparks provide a really helpful and efficient service too.

Rosie Chambers
Wild about Hampstead Heath Project



All Fired Up!

We’re going to be using the modules again very soon, as we’re having an event called “All Fired Up!” as part of British Science Week 2015.  The children loved the way that they could make up the circuits and the adults who came to the science event and our Easter, summer and autumn fun activities also enjoyed using the modules.  They praised their sturdiness and ease of use and visiting teachers particularly liked the way that they had the written description and the appropriate circuit symbol on each module.

Ray MacFadyen

Education Officer

Museum of Scottish Railway


Bright Sparks Electricity Workshops (Cumbria)

After delivering bright sparks in schools for the past 18 months it became clear that many schools where looking for good quality electricity kits. I found Bright sparks 4 kids and now use within my workshops in Cumbria primary schools.

My first impression was just how school friendly the kit was. It is well packaged in a Gratnells tray and includes everything you need including a CD of resource materials. All of the components are robust and colourful.

The kit is of fantastic quality and I would certainly recommend the Electricity Starter kit. It has all of the bits needed to deliver the electricity topic up to KS2 with extra little bits that will really get those higher ability pupils engaged. My son in particular found it really easy to assemble different circuits. He normally struggles with my other kit that uses crocodile clips, I often come across Year 2 pupils who find crocodile clips even more of a challenge. It has certainly been well thought out.

On a side note as each component is secured to a solid plastic box, for weaker or younger pupils, they could easily be fixed in to place on a desk or chopping board using Velcro to assist those pupils in matching physical circuits to circuit diagrams.

I look forward to using these as part of my workshop and being able to recommend a kit to schools when they ask me if they know of good suppliers for circuit components.

Jamie Magee

BrightSparks Electricity Workshops Cumbria



The Solar Spark

I am Yue Hu, a PhD student studying Chemistry at University of Edinburgh. I am the coordinator of a public engagement project called the Solar Spark.

The Solar Spark Project has been running very successfully for several years and includes workshops at science festivals and schools, training for school teachers, pod casts, animations, facebook, twitter, press articles and more. See www.thesolarspark.co.uk for more information. As well as activities within Scotland, we work to help organise and support outreach activities of other partner research groups in Universities across the UK.
I am always looking for engaging easy to use products that would help children understand the concept and uses of solar energy at their events. The kits from BrightSparks 4Kids are very well designed using durable 'plug in' style connections and good quality components. Children are able to use a real hands on approach to learning and quickly grasped the function and use of each component in a circuit. Also, they are brightly coloured and easily identified with circuit symbol andcomponent names clearly shown on each module. I think it would be suitable for children ofall ages and teachers can used time after time in many teaching environments.

Yue Hu Solar Spark coordinator

The Solar Spark

for more information please visit


Stem Ambassadors

Have taken the Electricity Starter Kit+ to both primary and secondary schools and found it very robust and simple to use.They have been able to demonstrate simple electric circuits quickly as well as encourage children to work in groups. Pupils enjoy hands on activities and this kit is suitable for all ages. The unique images on each component provide a link with the real world which can enhance the learning and create a focus for discussion in the classroom between the pupils and the ambassador. The kit has the added advantage that is is also available through the medium of Welsh.

See Science would recommend the kit to any teacher to use.

Cerian Angharad Director.

See Science (STEM contract holder in Wales)

For more information please visit the link below.


Bright Sparks Electricity Starter Kits


We were delighted to be consulted on the development of the Bright Sparks range of products. Our children trialled the kits and recommended changes which the company acted upon and we were impressed by Brightsparks desire to make their kits as user friendly and age appropriate as possible. The simplicity of the circuit connections is brilliant and enables all children to successfully create circuits of increasing complexity. We have bought kits to meet the learning needs of children right across the age range and plan to purchase more. I would recommend the BrightSparks4kids range of products to all primary schools.


The key strengths of the products are that they are:


·       Durable 

·       Excellent value for money

·       Easy to use  

·       Age appropriate

·       Safe and well designed



'A brilliant resource for STEM activities'



Rob McDevitt


Woodside Primary School

Gittin Street


SY11 1DT



Name : Sian Parry
School : Woodside Primary School, Oswestry, Shropshire ,UK

Fab equipment. Perfect for little hands making it very easy for children to work independently. Your kits are a great idea and one I havent seen replicated anywhere. As a teacher of 5 year olds, I would highly recommend anyone reading this to take a look at your stuff!

Name : Mrs Jones
School : withheld

I have used the Starter kit and the Starter Kit+ with my Year 2 class. They thoroughly enjoyed using the kits and found it much easier to use than the croc clips and bulbs we used to use. One child said it's so easy! The children had great fun using them because of this very reason and they learnt so much more and at a quicker rate! 

Name -

School - Sandwell

Email -

Product name - Starter Kit


Review/Comments - As a retired teacher who has looked at the kits I only wish that I had them when I was still teaching.  It would have made teaching 'electricity' so much easier.  Who thought using glass bulbs with young children was a good idea!  Both kits are safe and easy to use. Anyone teaching Primary children should look at these products.




Name - Jennifer Owen

School -

Email -

Product name - Classroom Set Starter Kit+


Review/Comments - I have always found electrical investigations in KS1 challenging and rather stressful - the crocodile clips are too stiff, connections become loose and who thought that delicate glass bulbs were a good idea?! When using the starter kit and starter kit plus the children were able to investigate circuits far more independently. They tried out new ideas and brought up discussion points which really extended their learning. The equipment is so safe and robust which makes it ideal for different ages and abilities to work together - it worked particularly well for a child with special needs in my class. I would recommend this equipment to anyone in the teaching profession. 




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