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Welcome to our Products
We design and manufacture many exciting 'hands on' teaching products, We also offer a wide range of other educational resources at very competitive prices.For more information on each product, please click on the Product category you wish to look at.

Electricity Modules Range
A comprehensive range of Plug & Play circuit modules


Product  Code ST001


Product  Code ST002


Product  Code ST003

Product  Code ST004

Product  Code ST005


Product  Code ST006


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Prouct  Code ST012

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Product  Code ST013

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Product  Code ST014

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Product  Code ST010

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Product  Code ST011
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Product  Code ST015
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Product  Code ST009
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Product  Code ST007
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Product  Code ST023
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Product  Code ST021

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Product  Code ST008
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Product  Code ST022
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Product  Code ST020

Product  Code ST024

Product  Code ST025

Product  Code ST029

Product  Code ST031

Product  Code ST030

Product  Code ST016


Product  Code ST017

Product  Code ST018

Product  Code ST019


Product  Codes
ST035 & ST037

New Larger Investigations Units
    Motor Control Unit                        Solar Investigations Unit

Solar Eco Range
These fantastic products contain everything you need to get started in your own Solar investigations.
Solar Investigations Kit
Create light, sound & motion!



Electricity Kits
A comprehensive range of Electricity kits ranging from economical to the advanced user.
Electricity Kit Digital- EKD01

Also available in class stacker
sets of 5 (EKD05)

NEW- Electricity Kit- EK01
Also available in class stscker
sets of 5 (EK05)



Electricity Kit Eco

Mini Electricity Kit  Beginners Electricity Kit
   Advanced Electricity Kit

Magnetic front of class kits

A fantastic range of magnetic modules that are ideal for demonstrator use or to a wider audience



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