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IQ4- Programmable Controller

Key features:
  • Simple to use on board programmer
  • Learn and develop programming sequences
  • No Software to learn simply program using the on board buttons
  • Retention of program remains even after the power is removed
  • Analogue input can be used directly with LDRs, thermistors and similar sensors. The threshold can be set to suit each application
  • 2 outputs each capable of forward-reverse motor control (1A per output)
  • Can be configured for Stepper motor use
  • Adjustable program speed
  • Ideal for electronic projects & models 
  • Uses 3 x AA batteries (not supplied)
  • For use with all BrightSparks modules

'Ideal for electronic projects & models'

Product code: IQ4

Price 15.95 each

IQ4 KIT-Complete with 6 I/O modules & connecting leads

'Control & Programme Inputs and outputs with ease, with no tricky software to learn'

Product Description

IQ4_wired_up_webSimple on-board programming and retention of programs when powered removed. This Programmable Controller is simply programmed using the on-board buttons without the need for a computer or complicated software. The two high-power outputs can be used to control motors, buzzers, lights stepper motors and so on. Each output is capable of driving a motor forward or backward by simply using the reverse button. The analogue input can be used directly with LDRs, thermistors and similar sensors, as well as switches. The input threshold can also be programmed making the controller extremely versatile.

This product is fitted with screw terminal blocks and comes supplied with 6 I/O modules, connecting leads, CD-ROM and battery pack

Kit includes:
  • IQ4 Programmer with enclosed battery box (4 x AA)
  • Switch module
  • LDR module (light experiments)
  • Thermistor module (temperature experiments)
  • Motor module
  • Buzzer module
  • L.E.D module (White)
  • Connecting leads
  • CD-ROM with example programmes
Product code: IQ4KIT

Price 59.95 each


Control projects & models easily!

Primary Control Box
TTS logo
Supplied by TTS

Primary Control Box

Our Primary Control Products offer an easy way to control your projects & models, control Bulbs, L.E.Ds, Motors, Buzzers,  even Robots, without the need for a computer!

Product Code- PCB-01
Limited amount available

Available separately or in exciting new Kits
Key features include:
  • Control children's projects & models easily using this simple to use Primary Control Box, supplied by TTS
  • Control Bulbs, Motors, L.E.Ds, Buzzers, Solenoids even Robots!
  • Works with all existing Brightsparks4kids kits
  • Simple to use 4mm plug in connectors
  • 4 output channels so you can drive four separate components
  • Each channel can drive up to 800mA
  • Combine any pair of channels to drive motors or solenoids in both directions
  • Record up to 64 steps with 1/10th second accuracy
  • Easy mounting on children's models using dowels and/or rubber bands
  • Remembers its sequence even when power is removed!
  • Bright, easy to use buttons with tactile feedback and click
  • Uses 9Volt battery or external power supply (sold separately)
Product code: PCB-01

Price 19.95 each

Limited amount available
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